The Heilbrunn ancestry from Hofgeismar



F I R S T  G E N E R A T I O N  :


In the beginning of the 18th century we can find four Heilbrunn families in Hofgeismar:


1.  Leib Heilbrunn and his wife Hanna, nee Jacob. Both died before 1812. Leib and Hanna

     Heilbrunn had two sons:


1.1.Abraham Heilbrunn, born 12.11.1756 in Hofgeismar

1.2.Mendel Heilbrunn, born 19.03.1760 in Hofgeismar.



2.  Isaak Heilbrunn and his wife Elsiela (?), nee Theben, both died before 1812. Isaak and

     Elsiela Heilbrunn had two sons:


     2.1. Lucas Isaac Heilbrunn, born 06.07.1773 in Hofgeismar

     2.2. Abraham Isaac Heilbrunn, born 27.11.1779 in Hofgeismar


3. Abraham Heilbrunn and his first wife Hanna Hone, both died before 1812. Abraham and

    Hanna Heilbrunn had a son:


    3.1. Moses Abraham Heilbrunn, born 12.08.1762 in Hofgeismar.


    Abraham Heilbrunn married a second time Mindel, nee Katz, died before 1812.

    Abraham and Mindel Heilbrunn had a son:


    3.2. Lucas Heilbrunn, born 07.08.1764 in Hofgeismar.



4. Moses Heilbrunn and his wife Berla, nee Jonas. Both died before 1812. Moses and Berla

    Heilbrunn had a son:


    4.1. Samuel Moses Heilbrunn, born 07.08.1768 in Hofgeismar


    Moses Heilbrunn married a second time Jachebet, nee Abraham, she is still alive in 1812

    in Hofgeismar. Moses and Jachebet Heilbrunn had a son:


    4.2. Baer Heilbrunn, born 29.11.1796 in Hofgeismar.



S E C O N D   G E N E R A T I O N  :


1.1.         Abraham Heilbrunn, born 12.11.1756, he took in 1808 the name Loewenberg. He

married Saara, nee Levi. Abraham and Saara Heilbrunn Loewenberg had six children:


1.1.1. Juda Abraham Loewenberg, born 05.02.1787 or 07.11.1791 in Hofgeismar

1.1.2.Fradchen Abraham Loewenberg, born 04.08.1793 in Hofgeismar

1.1.3. Lea (?) Abraham Loewenberg, born 12.09.1798 in Hofgeismar

1.1.4 Levi Abraham Loewenberg, born 12.11.1797 or 08.07.1799 in Hofgeismar, he

         married Juli Eichholz. Levi Heilbrunn died on 03.04. or 03.06.1868 at the age of 70

         Juli Heilbrunn died on 25.11.1883 at the age of 81.

1.1.5 Moses Abraham Loewenberg, born 17.07.1801 or 06.08.1802 in Hofgeismar

1.1.6 Michael Abraham Loewenberg, born 07. or 29.02.1808 in Hofgeismar.


1.2. Mendel Heilbrunn, born 19.03.1760, he took in 1808 the name Levison/Loefinsohn, he

       married Lea, nee Michaelis. Mendel and Lea Heilbrunn Levison/Loefinsohn had four



       + 1.2.1. Michael Heilbrunn Levison/Loefinsohn, born 07.03. or 04.08.1794 in


          1.2.2. Lioeba (?) Heilbrunn Levison/Loefinsohn, born 16.12.1798 in Hofgeismar

       + 1.2.3. Jacob Heilbrunn Levison/Loefinsohn, born 28.12.1800 or 03.02.1802 in


       + 1.2.4. Isaac Heibrunn Levison/Loefinsohn, born 16.03. or 16.06.1805 in Hofgeismar

         (Birth-list p. 6/7, Levison is taken from the list 1812, Loefinsohn is taken from the birth-record, there are

           also various birth-dates.)


Lea Heilbrunn Levisohn died on 30.07.1854 at the age of 84 years and six months. So she was born in January 1770. She is called “widow”, so Mendel Heilbrunn Levisohn died before.

(death-list p. 17/18)


2.1. Lucas Isaac Heilbrunn, born 06.07.1773 in Hofgeismar, he took in 1808 the name

       Eisenberg.  He married Mina, nee Feidel. Lucas Isaac and Mina Heilbrunn Eisenberg

       had two sons:


       2.1.1. Isaak Eisenberg, born 24.04.1809 in Hofgeismar

       2.1.2. Feidel Eisenberg, born 26.01.1811 in Hofgeismar.


2.2. Abraham Isaac Heilbrunn, born 27.11.1779 in Hofgeismar, he took in 1808 the name



3.1. Moses Abraham Heilbrunn, born 12.08.1762 in Hofgeismar. He took in 1808 the name

       Marcus.  He married Rahel, nee Heinemann. Moses Abraham and Rahel Heilbrunn

       Marcus had two sons:


       3.1.1. Lucas Marcus, born 12.11.1798 in Hofgeismar

       3.1.2. Meier Marcus, born 23.01.1811 in Hofgeismar.


3.2. Lucas Heilbrunn, born 07.08.1764 in Hofgeismar, he took in 1808 the name Hecht. He

       married Beilchen. Lucas and Beilchen Heilbrun Hecht had four sons:


       3.2.1. Abraham Hecht, born 16.07.1801 in Hofgeismar

       3.2.2. Salomon Hecht, born 02.09.1803 in Hofgeismar

       3.2.3. Gerson Hecht, born 20.07.1806 in Hofgeismar

       3.2.4. Siemon Hecht, born 17.09.1811 in Hofgeismar.


4.1. Samuel Moses Heilbrunn, born 07.08.1768 in Hofgeismar, he took in 1808 the name

       Rothschild. He married Merla. Samuel Moses and Merla Rothschild had four sons:


       4.1.1. Moses Rothschild, born 13.11.1796 in Hofgeismar

       4.1.2. Samuel Rothschild, born 12.07.1801 in Hofgeismar

       4.1.3. Isaac Rothschild, born 13.11.1803 in Hofgeismar

       4.1.4. Bendix Rothschild, born 06.08.1810 in Hofgeismar.


4.2. Baer Heilbrunn, born 29.11.1796, he took in 1808 the name Regensburg.  



T H I R D  G E N E R A T I O N  :



The descendants of Mendel and Lea Heilbrunn Levison/Loefinsohn:


1.2.1.Michael Heilbrunn Loefinsohn, born 07.03. or 04.08.1794, he married Guetel.

            Michael and Guetel Heilbrunn had three children:


   Sarchen Heilbrunn, born 06.07.1822 in Hofgeismar

   Heinemann Heilbrunn, born 18.10.1825 in Hofgeismar

   Micheli Heilbrunn, born 01.10.1827 in Hofgeismar.

             (Birth-list p. 12/13, the family laid down the name Levison/Loefinsohn.)


1.2.3.Jacob Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 28.12.1800 or 03.02.1802, he married Bluemchen Markheim from Zwesten, born around 1809. They had seven children:


            +  Mendel, called Emil Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 31.08.1834 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p. 28/29).  

            + Selig, called Felix Heilbrunn Levinsohn, born 31.12.1835 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p. 30/31)

              + Hanchen Heilbrunn Levinsohn, born 24.02.1838 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p. 36/37)

           + Sarchen Heilbrunn Levinsohn, born 23.04.1840 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p. 40/41)

           + Loevie, called Louis Heilbrunn Levinsohn, born 02.11.1841 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p.44/45)

           + Helena Heilbrunn Levinsohn, born 25.03.1843 in Hofgeismar

             (Birth-list p. 46/47)

     Caroline Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 07.12.1844 in Hofgeismar

              (birth-list p. 50/51)

                She died on 18.06.1850 in Hofgeismar at the age of 5 years, 6 months ,11 days.

             (Death-list p. 11/12)


Jacob Heilbrunn Levisohn died on 09.07.1858 in Hofgeismar at the age of  57 (Death-list p. 27/28) Bluemchen Heilbrunn died on 26.05.1874 in Hofgeismar at the age of 65 (Death-list p. 51/52).


1.2.4.Isaac Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 16.03.or 16.06.1805, he married Guetel, nee Levi,

            born around 1810. They had four children:


            + Hanchen Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 08.07.1837 in Hofgeismar

            + Veilchen, called Fanny Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 24.12.1838 in


       Mendel Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 18.01.1842 in Hofgeismar, he died

                            young while studying at the Sorbonne in Paris.

            + Sara Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 31.10.1843 in Hofgeismar.

Guetel Heilbrunn died on  11.04.1867 in Hofgeismar at the age of 57 (Death-list p. 41/42). Isaac Heilbrunn Levisohn died in Eschwege.



F O U R T H  G E N E R A T I O N  :               Mendel, called Emil Heilbrunn, born 31.08.1834,he was a single, he did on 07.05.1919 at the age of 84 by stroke.               Selig, called Felix Heilbrunn, born 31.12.1835 married on 03.05.1866 Emma, nee Ganz, born 09.04.1844, daughter of Michaelis and Sophie Ganz. Felix and Emma Heilbrunn had eight children: Sophie Heibrunn, born 26,02,1867 Alfred Heilbrunn, born 29.09.1868, he died 20.09.1873 Hedwig Heilbrunn, born 04.10.1871, she died 11.12.1950 Teckla Heilbrunn, born 16.11.1872 Gretchen / Grete Heilbrunn, born 01.01.1874, she died 21.12.1934 in


+ Otto Heilbrunn, born 29.06.1875 in Herford Paul Heilbrunn, born 28.10.1877, he died 1941 Emmy Heilbrunn, born 15.04.1879, she died 1949.


              Emma Heilbrunn died on 28.06.1898, Felix Heilbrunn died on 13.06.1913 in Berlin.               Hanchen, called Johanna Heibrunn Levisohn, born 24.02.1838, she was married

              on 30.10.1864 to Moritz Schoenlicht, merchant from Naumburg/Saale, born

              01.07.1826, son the the merchant Heinemann Schoenlicht and his wife Sarah.

              (Wedding-list p. 33/34) Sara Heilbrunn, born 23.04.1840, she was married on 19.08.1868 to Siemon

             Bastheim from Huemme, born 01 or 07.07.1842, son of Lukas Bastheim and his wife

             Hannchen, nee Meyerhoff. (Wedding-list p. 43/44). They had a shop for agriculture

             necessaries in Hofgeismar, Petristrasse 1. They had five children:


             + Louis Bastheim, born 1869 in Hofgeismar

             + Gustav Bastheim, born 1870 in Hofgeismar

       Johanna Bastheim, born 1871 in Hofgeismar

       Hedwig Bastheim, born 1873 in Hofgeismar, she died on 06.11.1940 in

                                                                the jewish hospital in Cologne.

            + Siegfried Bastheim. born 05.01.1878 in Hofgeismar.

             (Julia Drinnenberg; Staetten der Erinnerung -  Gedaechtnis einer Stadt, p. 13)


            Siemon Bastheim died on 04.07.1877 in Hofgeismar at the age of 35. Sara Bastheim

            died on 31.05.1927. Louis Heilbrunn, born 02.11.1841, he married on 15.12.1879 Franziska (Fromet),

             nee Kleeberg, born 14.09.1856 in Hofgeismar, daughter of Simon Kleeberg and his

             wife … nee Stern. They had two daughter:


            + Bella Heilbrunn, born 20.10.1880 in Hofgeismar.

      Sophie Heilbrunn, born 20.10.1882 in Hofgeismar.


Louis Heilbrunn founded 1863 the Turn- und Sportgemeinschaft Hofgeismar and was chairman for 14 years. He joined the Deutsche Demokratische Partei (DDP, a liberal party) and in 1919 he became a member of the town-council in Hofgeismar.

(Julia Drinnenberg, a.a.O., p. 36/37)

Franziska Heilbrunn died on 14.06.1902 in Hofgeismar at the age of 45. Helena Heilbrunn, born 25.03.1843, she was married on 19.09.1870 to Moritz

             Schoenlicht from Naumburg. Hannchen/Hanna Heilbrunn Levisohn, born 08.07.1837, she was married to

             Joseph Levi from Eschwege, born 11.01.1837, son of Meyer Levi and his wife Jeanette, nee. Levi. Hanna and Joseph Levi had five children:


             + Minna Levi, born 04.07.1864 in Eschwege

             + Max Levi, born 15.08.1871 in Eschwege

             + Moritz Levi, born 28.07.1868 in Eschwege

             + Louis Levi, born 17.03.1867 in Eschwege

+ Adolf Levi, born 27.01.1877 in Eschwege.


             Joseph Levi died 14.02.1878 in Eschwege. He is buried on the jewish cemetery of

             Eschwege (grave B 33). Hannchen Levi died 10.08.1891 in Eschwege. She is buried

             on the jewish cemetery of Eschwege (grave D 54). Veilchen /Fanny Heilbrunn, born 24.12.1838, she was married on 04.01.1865 to

             Louis Appel, merchant from Peine, born 24.10.1837. Veilchen Appel died on

             02.06.1877 in Hofgeismar, Louis Appel died 09.12.1894. Fanny and Louis Appel had

             two children:


             + Max Moses Appel, born 06.12.1865

             + Ida Appel, born 1867

                               Max and Ida Appel were raised by their aunt Sara Speier, nee Heibrunn

                               and his husband Samuel Speier ( Sara Heilbrunn, born 31.10.1843, she was married on 19.06.1872 to Samuel Speier,

             teacher in Eschwege, born 07.03.1838, son of the merchant Marum Speier and his  wife Merle, nee Poppert from Burghaun.

             Samuel Speier taught at the Samson Raphael Hirsch Realschule in Frankfurt/Main

             and became later the director of the Jewish orphanage in Frankfurt/Main. Sara and

             Samuel Speier had two sons:


    Max Speier

    Mendel Speier

             Max and Mendel Speier were singles, both worked at the Bankhaus of Am Rothschild

             in Frankfurt/Main.



F I F T H  G E N E R A T I O N  : Otto Heilbrunn, born 29.06.1875. He married in 1903 Minna Sara Sommer, born

                07.02.1879 in Wertheim, daughter of Max Sommer and his wife Clara, nee Kander.

                Otto and Minna Heilbrunn had two sons:


                + Walter Heilbrunn, born 21.07.18905 in Kassel

                + Kurt Ferdinand Heilbrunn, born 19.11.1910 in Kassel.


                Otto Heilbrunn died 04.01.1939 in Kassel, Minna Heilbrunn died 22.07.1941 in

                New York. Louis Bastheim, born 1869. After 1933 he was expatriated und he lost the house in

                Petristrasse 1. He emigrated into the States in 1937. Gustav Bastheim, born 1870. He emigrated in 1919 into the States. Siegfried Bastheim, born 05.01.1877. He married Ernestine, nee Sachs, born

                12.11.1891 in Breslau. They moved to Dortmund, where Siegfried Bastheim had a

                 factory for chains. Siegfried and Ernestine Bastheim had three children:


                + Paul Werner Bastheim, born 28.01.1924 in Dortmund

                + Johanna Bastheim, born 11.01.1926 in Dortmund

                + Marianne Bastheim, born 07.03.1927 in Dortmund.


In 1933 Siegfried Bastheim handed over the factory to his partner in the Netherlands and emigrated with his family to the Netherlands. After the Nazi-occupation they were arrested in Westerbork. Ernestine Bastheim was deported on 10.08.1942 with her son Paul Werner and her daughter Johanna from Westerbork to Auschwitz. Siegfried Bastheim and his daughter Marianne were deported on 01.06.1943 from Westerbork to Sobibor. He was killed there omn 04.06.1943. (Julia Drinnenberg, a.a.O., p. 12/13) Bella Heilbrunn, born 20.10.1880. She was married to Ludwig Rosenthal, born

                05.05.1867 in Koenigstellen. They moved to Gießen. They were deported on

                28.09.1942 from Darmstadt to Theresienstadt. Ludwig Rosenthal perished there on

                14.02.1943, Bella Rosenthal on 09.08.1944. (Julia Drinnenberg, a.a.O., p. 36/37) Minna Levi,  born 04.07.1864 in Eschwege. She was married to Dr. med. Max Sternberg from Emden. Max Levi, born 15.08.1871 in Eschwege. He was Dr. med. and practised in Berlin. He was a bachelor. Moritz Levi, born 28.07.1868 in Eschwege. He went to England as a woolen goods merchant. Louis Levi, born 17.03.1867 in Eschwege. He worked as a stock exchange courier editor in Berlin. Adolf Levi, born 27.01.1877 in Eschwege. He trained as a civil engineer in heating installations. He married Rosette Wolf, born 16.04.1886. They emigrated to New York in 1936. Rosette Levi died in April 1982. Max Moses Appel, born  06.12.1865, he married Regina Dillenburger, born 20.07.1868 in Frankfurt/Main. Max Moses and Regina Appel had two daughters:


                + Henrietta Appel

                + Meta Fanny Appel, born 12.07.1891


Regine Appel was deported on 25.07.1942 from Duesseldorf to Theresienstadt and from there on 29.09.1942 to Treblinka. Ida Appel, born 1867, was married first to Jakob Cohn from Kassel. Ida and Jacob Cohn had four children:


          Samuel Cohn, he died as a child from diphtheria.

          Sara Cohn, she died as a child from scarlet fever.

          Salomon Cohn, he lived in Zurich as a bachelor.

                + Alfred Cohn.


Ida Cohn was married a second time to Max Harwitz, a manufacturer of agricultural tools from Halberstadt.



S I X T H  G E N E R A T I O N  : Walter Heilbrunn, born 21.07.1905. He emigrated on 06.05.1933 to Strasbourg/France and later into the USA. (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 671). He married Edith Hoffmann, born 04.05.1914 in Felsberg, daughter of Hermann Hoffmann (born in Altenburg) and his wife Lina, nee Lion (born in Fulda). Walter and Edith Heilbrunn had three children. Walter Heilbrunn died on 10.10.1982 in New York, Edith Heilbrunn died 31.05.1998 in New Jersey. Kurt Ferdinand Heilbrunn, born 19.11.1910. He married Erna Platschek. Kurt Ferdinand and Erna Heilbrunn had two children. Kurt Ferdinan Heilbrunn died on 16.07.1987, Erna Heilbrunn died on 11.09.1994. Paul Werner Bastheim, he was deported with his mother and his sister Johanna on 10.08.1942 from Westerbork to Auschwitz. Four days after arriving in Auschwitz he could escape, but he was captured again arrested in the Bunker of Auschwitz. Johanna Bastheim, she was deported with her mother and his brothert on 10.08.1942 from Westerbork to Auschwitz. Marianne Bastheim, she was deported with her father on 01.06.1943 from Westerbork to Sobibor. She was killed there on 04.06.1943. (Julia Drinnenberg, a.a.O., p. 12/13) Henrietta Appel, she was married to Fritz Simenauer. They emigrated in the 1930th to New York. They didn't have children. Henrietta Appel died in the early 60th. Meta Fanny Appel, born 12.07.1891,she trained as an opera singer. She was married to Salomon Gimnicher, born 08.12.1881 in Grefrath, he was a silk merchant. Meta Fanny and Salomon Gimnicher lived in Krefeld, they had three chidren:


                   + Ilse Gittel Gimnicher, born 12.07.1920 in Krefeld

                  Max Rudi Gimnicher, born 19.03.1927 in Krefeld, he was deported together with his parents from Duesseldorf on 22.04.1942 to Izbica. 


Meta Fanny and Salomon Gimnicher were deported on 22.04.1942 together with their son Max Rudi Gimnicher from Duesseldirf to Izbica. Alfred Cohn, he married and emigrated to Palestine. He had three sons.



S E V E N T H  G E N E R A T I O N :               Ilse Gittel Gimnicher, born 12.07.1920, she emigrated to Britain in 1939 and came after war to Australia. There she was married to Otto Konrad Strauss, born 02.04.1909 in Krefeld. Ilse Gittel and Otto Konrad Strauss have a son. Ilse Gittel Strauss died 02.10.1983, Otto Konrad Strauss died 21.04.1994.





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Compiled by Hans-Peter  K l e i n                                                  Melsungen, September 2011

revised an supplemented                                                                 Melsungen, April 2012


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