The Blumenfeld-family from Momberg

(The descendants of Gerson Moses)


1. Gerson Moses had a daughter

                         + 2. Giedel (Gerson) Moses born about 1754.


2. Giedel Katz, nee (Gerson) Moses was born about 1754. She died 29.06.1834 in Momberg. She was 80 years old. (Grave No. 2) She married Abraham Katz Blumenfeld. They had three children (two foster-children and a son later):

                         + 3. Moses Blumenfeld born 1778

                         + 4. Jakob Blumenfeld born 1800

                         + 5. Meier Blumenfeld


3. Moses Blumenfeld was born 1778 in Momberg. He was a stockmerchant and butcher (Viehhändler and Metzger). He died 20.11.1846.(Grave No. 10) He married Gietel Katz, born in 1782, the daughter of Isaac Katz and Gelle nee Katz. Gietel Blumenfeld died 01.12.1843 (Grave No.119 from 23.11.1841 ?) They had two children:

                           + 6. Abraham Blumenfeld born 11.09.1811

                           + 7. Isaac Blumenfeld born 13.12.1814

4. Jakob Blumenfeld was born 1800 in Momberg. He was a a merchant and butcher. He died 28.01.1849. (Grave No. 12) He married Fromanet Isenberg from Gilserberg 24.05.1833. They had nine children:

                          + 8. Apethlaham (Abraham) Blumenfeld born 01.02.1832

                             9. Judith (Hindel) Blumenfeld born 07.05.1834

                           10. Geron (Gerson) Blumenfeld born 14.08.1835

                           11. Gutkind Blumenfeld born 23.02.1837, died 17.08.1837

                           12. Giedel Blumenfeld born 10.06.1838

                         +13. Isaac Blumenfeld born 15.03.1840

                           14. Scholem Blumenfeld born 05.04.1842

                           15. Mendel Blumenfeld born 03.05.1845

                           16. Hanchen Blumenfeld born 29.07.1847

5. Meier Blumenfeld, he married on 09.08.1824 Betty Oppenheim, daughter of  Marcus

                                     Oppenheim from Kirchhain. Meier and Betty Blumenfeld had nine


                                       17. Breine Blumenfeld, born 15.05.1825

                                    + 18. Abraham Blumenfeld, born 26.01.1827

                                       19. Benes Blumenfeld, born 22.11.1828

                                    + 20. Minna Blumenfeld, born 25.01.1831

                                    + 21. Gerson Blumenfeld, born 1834

                                          22. Moses Blumenfeld, born 14.04.1836, died 06.08.1837

                                          23. Gitel Blumenfeld, born 10.05.1838

                                          24. Friederike Blumenfeld, born 22.10.1841

                                          25. Sarchen Blumenfeld, born 09.04.1845.


6. Abraham Blumenfeld was born 11.09.1811. He was a stockmerchant. He died 05.05.1900. (Grave No. 39, Grave Line 5 No. 53). He married Gietel Strauss from Amönau 05.02.1840, daughter of Haune Strauss and Dessel. Gitel Blumenfeld died 12.08.1890. (Grave No. 40) They had eight children:

                       +  26. Gerson-Meier Blumenfeld born 11.12.1840

                       +  27. Baruch Blumenfeld born 29.01.1843

                       +  28. Scholem (Salli) Blumenfeld born 28.03.1845

                       +  29. Susel Blumenfeld born 27.06.1847

                           30. Moses Blumenfeld born 31.12.1849, he died in the war 1870/71

                           31. Rebekka Blumenfeld born 04.03.1852, died 25.04.1856

                       +  32. Heinemann Blumenfeld born 08.10.1854

                       +  33. Gelle Blumenfeld born 16.07.1857

7. Isaac Blumenfeld was born 13.12.1814 in Momberg. He was a butcher. He died in 1892. (Grave Line 6 No.57). He married first 02.08.1841 Frommet Kugelmann from Wohra, born 1821, daughter of  Joskiel Kugelmann and Rintel nee Andoren. Frommet Blumenfeld died 18.03.1842. (Grave No.15). He married second time 10.01.1843 Gelle Strauss from Amönau, born 1820, daughter of  Haune Strauss and Dessel nee Löb. He had ten children:

                          with his first wife:

                       + 34. Abraham Blumenfeld born 13.03.1842

                          with his second wife:

                          35. n.n. male born/died 24.01.1844

                       + 36. Gidel / Guetel Blumenfeld born 16.12.1844

                       + 37. Moses Blumenfeld born 02.03.1847

                       + 38. Susel (Tusel) Blumenfeld born 25.12.1848

                       + 39. Meier Blumenfeld born 05.03.1852

                       + 40. Gerson Blumenfeld born 29.04.1853

                       + 41. Rebekka Blumenfeld born 23.08.1856

                       + 42. Fradchen / Friederike Blumenfeld born 02.11.1858

                          43. Sara Blumenfeld born Oct. 1861, died 11.07.1870

8. Abraham Blumenfeld was born 01.02.1832 in Momberg. He died 18.10.1914. (Grave Line 8,  No. 102). He married 14.12.1864 Frommet (Fanni) Gutkind, born 26.07.1840, daughter of the merchant Benedikt (Pinchas) Gutkind and Lotti nee Wallach from Frielendorf. They didn`t have children. Frommet Blumenfeld died 03.04.1907 (Grave No. 54).

13. Isaac Blumenfeld was born 15.03.1840 in Momberg. He died 07.07.1928. (Grave No. 122, Grave Line10, No. 134). He married 09.11.1870 Bienchen Rothschild, born 17.12.1845, daughter of the merchant Löb Rothschild and Suschen Brandes. Bienchen Blumenfeld died 07.01.1910 (Grave No.70). Isaac and Biene Blumenfeld had seven children:


                             + 44.    Abraham Blumenfeld

                             + 45. Jakob Blumenfeld, born 1871 in Momberg                            

                             + 46.   Joseph Blumenfeld, born 20.09.1875

                             + 47. Settchen / Lisette Blumenfeld, born 20.12.1876 in Momberg

                             + 48.   Salomon Blumenfeld, born 23.12.1879

                             + 49.   Julius Blumenfeld, born 21.02.1885, declaired death 08.05.1945

                                                                        by the lower district court of Hannover.  

                             + 50. Marcus / Lee Blumenfeld.

18. Abraham Blumenfeld, born 26.01.1827, he married Gelle Strauss, born 1836/37,

                                             daughter of Herz Strauss and his wife Eva, nee Steinberger,

                                             Abraham and Gelle Blumenfeld had three children:

                                             51. Hannchen Blumenfeld, born 07.03.1856

                                             52. Markus Blumenfeld, born 08.07.1858

                                             53. Bety Blumenfeld, born 04.10.1861.

                                             Abraham Blumenfeld died on 08.05.1861, Gelle Blumenfeld

                                             married a second time on 18.10.1863 Jakob Bachenheim. She

                                             died on 20.05.1871.

20. Minna Blumenfeld, born 25.01.1831, she was married on 27.07.1855 to

                                        Uwe Heinemann Rothschild from Weitersbrueck.

21. Gerson Blumenfeld, born 30.04.1834 in Kirchhain, he married Gitel Blumenfeld, born

                                        16.12.1844 in Momberg, daughter of  Isaac Blumenfeld and his

                                          second wife Gelle, nee Strauss. Gerson and Gitel Blumenfeld had

                                          eleven children (Look No. 36 of this genealogy)


26. Gerson-Meier Blumenfeld, born 11.12.1840 in Momberg, died  14.04.1903. He married

      on 10.01.1866 Sara Strauss, daughter of Hirsch Strauss and his wife Betty, nee

      Loewenstein, born 21.04.1844 in Amoeneburg, died 26.02.1912. Gerson-Meier and Betty

      Blumenfeld had two daughters:

      54. Dina Blumenfeld, born 20.04.1867 in Momberg, she was married to Moritz Blum.

      55. Caroline Blumenfeld, born 27.02.1869 in Momberg.

27. Baruch Blumenfeld was born 29.01.1843. He married first 20.02.1872 Eva Seder, second time Emma Docter, born 1848, daughter of the veterinatian Josef Docter from Erksdorf and Zeline nee Wallach. Baruch and Emma Blumenfeld had one daughter:

                          + 56. Antonie Blumenfeld, born 29.12.1872

                          + 57. Jeanette (Charlotte), born 28.06.1875.

28. Scholem / Salomon / Salli Blumenfeld, born 28.03.1845 in Momberg. He moved to Giessen and was the owner of a textil-shop in Giessen Walltorstrasse / Luisenplatz. He married first Caecilie Erlanger, born 16.05.1849 in Marburg. She died 01.01.1880. Salomon and Caecilie Blumenfeld had two children:

      + 58. Thekla Blumenfeld, born 18.03.1872 in Giessen

      + 59. Felix (called Fritz) Blumenfeld, born 02.05.1873 in Giessen.

      Salomon Blumenfeld married a second time Emma Bentheim. Salomon and Emma

      Blumenfeld had a son:

        + 60. Moritz Blumenfeld.

29. Susel / Tusel / Dusschen / Dora Blumenfeld, born 25.12.1848 in Momberg, died about 1927 in Bloomington. She was married to Meyer Lowenstein from Daubringen. They moved to Daubringen and in 1881/82 Mayer  and Susel Lowenstein emigrated with six children into the USA. They lived in Bloomington, Illinois and had two more children in the USA. Susel became Dora Livingston.

      61 Maurice Livingston, he married Berta August. Maurice Livingston died about

           1924. Grandchild Sally Slavin.

      62. Rosalie Livingston, she was married to Albert Livingston (cousin). Granddaughter

            Sue Livingston-Sickle.

      63. Sigmund Livingston, attorney in Bloomington and founder of the Anti-Defamation-

            League (ADL), he married Hilda Freiler. Grandsons Richard and Randy


      64. Hermann Livingston, he married Dorothy Ensel.

      65. Harold Livingston.

      66. Irvin Livingston, he maried Helen (Cubby) Baer.

      67. Alfred Livingston, he married Eva Siegel.

      68. Gussie Livingston, she was married first to Sol Salzenstein, she was married a

            second time to Sam Wertheimer.

32. Heinemann Blumenfeld was born 08.10.1854 in Momberg. He was a textiles-merchant and lived in the „Heinemanns-Haus“ No.11. He died  31.08.1936 (Grave No.128,  Line 10, No. 128). He married Karline Katzenstein from Treysa, born 30.03.1861, died 25.01.1935 (Grave Nr. 129). They had three children who emigrated to the USA shortly before the second world war.

                          + 69. Toni Blumenfeld, born 21.09.1885

                          + 70. Moritz Blumenfeld, born 07.10.1887

                          + 71. Bella Blumenfeld, born 23.05.1890

33. Gelle (Caroline) Blumenfeld, born 16.07.1857 in Momberg, died 1942 at the age of 85 in the Shoa in Terezin. She was married to Simon Hoechster, born 26.08.1852 in Gemuenden (Wohra). Gelle and Simon Hoechster had four children:

          72. Siegmund Hoechster, born 1883

       + 73. Antonia Hoechster, born 14.10.1885 in Gemuenden

          74. Betty Hoechster, born 03.08.1889 in Gemuenden, she was married to Max


          75. Gerta Hoechster, born 07.06.1895 in Gemuenden.

34. Abraham Blumenfeld was born 13.03.1842 in Momberg. He died 08.12.1913 (Grave No. 95, Line 8, No. 96). He married 16.12.1868 Friderike Rothschild, born 18.12.1845, daughter of Moses Rothschild and Caroline nee Baum. Friderike Blumenfeld died 08.10.1909 (Grave No. 71, Line 7, Nr.85). They had seven children :

                       + 76. Dina Blumenfeld, born 01.02.1871                  

                       + 77. Nanny Blumenfeld, born 03.01.1878

                       + 78. Hermann (Jochanan) Blumenfeld born 17.04.1880

                       + 79. Hugo Blumenfeld, born 30.05.1882

                          80. Bertha Blumenfeld, born 04.05.1883

                          81. Moses Blumenfeld, born 28.08.1887

                          82. Emma Blumenfeld, born 07.01.1892.

36. Giedel / Gütel Blumenfeld was born 16.12.1844. She married 11.11.1863 Gerson Blumenfeld, born 30.04.1834 in Kirchhain, son of Meier Blumenfeld and Beile nee Oppenheimer. They had eleven children:

                                83. Abraham Blumenfeld, born 13.09.1864, died 07.07.1865

                             + 84. Moritz Blumenfeld, born 18.06.1866

                                85. Berta Blumenfeld, born 27.12.1868, unmarried and living in  

                                                                   Kirchhain in 1909, later she emigrated into the USA

                             + 86. Dora Blumenfeld, born 26.12.1869

                             + 87. Max Blumenfeld, born 04.12.1872

                             + 88. Sara Blumenfeld, born 19.10.1874

                             + 89. Hermann Blumenfeld, born 26.03.1876

                             + 90. Sally Blumenfeld, born 25.03.1878

                             + 91. Meyer Blumenfeld, born 02.11.1879

                                92. Fradchen (Franziska) Blumenfeld, born 12.06.1882 in Kirchhain,

                                                                          in 1909 unmarried and living in Marburg.

                                93. Gustav Blumenfeld, born 1883, died 21.06.1883.

Giedel Blumenfeld died 03.06.1883 in Kirchhain, Gerson Blumenfeld 30.10.1898 in Momberg.

37. Moses Blumenfeld was born 02.05.1847 in Momberg . He was a merchant. He married 26.11.1873 Sara Stern from Kirchhain, born 06.05.1852 in Allendorf, daughter of Isaac Stern und Joanathe. They lived in Kirchhain and had seven children:

                             + 94. Hermann (Hone) Blumenfeld, born 16.10.1874

                             + 95. Berta Blumenfeld, born 16.03.1876

                             + 96. Salomon Blumenfeld, born 30.06.1878

                             + 97. Max Blumenfeld, born 12.06.1881

                                98. Meda Blumenfeld, born 29.06.1883, died 02.12.1888

                             + 99. Klementine Blumenfeld, born 20.06.1886.

                              100. Rose Blumenfeld, born 20.06.1886, died 09.02.1887.

38. Tusel /Dusschen Blumenfeld was born 25.12.1848 in Momberg. She married 19.05.1870 Isaak Strauss, merchant, born 23.01.1839, son of Samuel Strauss and Jette nee Rosenbaum.

She was the second wife of Isaac Strauss. He was married first to Betty Reis. They had a daughter Ida / Jentchen Strauss. Isaak Strauss was the son of Samuel Strauss and his first wife Jentchen Rosenbaum.

Annotation: Samuel Strauss was a son of Hone Strauss and Dussel Loewenstein and a sister of Gelle Strauss, the second wife of Isaac Blumenfeld (No. 6). In addition to it look into “Descendants of Lob from Nidda, No.19.

Isaak and Dusschen Strauss had seven children:

                             +  101. Berta Strauss, born 20.07.1871

                             +  102. Moritz Strauss, born 19.01.1873

                                 103. Auguste Strauss, born 18.12.1874

                             +  104. Hermann Strauss, born 01.10.1876

                                 105. Meyer Strauss, born 12,02.1879, living in the USA in 1909,


                             +  106. Rebecka Strauss, born 08.02.1881

                                 107. Sally Strauss, born 29.05.1885, died 12.02.1906.

39. Meier Blumenfeld was born 05.03.1852 in Momberg. He was a mechant. He was the leader of the jewish community of  Neustadt (Gemeindevorsteher) for ten years. He died 09.02.1922 in Momberg (Grave No. 112, Line 9, No. 112). He married 10.01.1866 Sarchen Strauss from Amöneburg, daughter of Hirsch Strauss. They had three children:

                             + 108. Moses Blumenfeld, born 16.05.1879

                             + 109. Hermann Blumenfeld, born 1881

                             + 110. Rosa Blumenfeld, born 1883.

40. Gerson Blumenfeld was born 29.04.1853 in Momberg. He died 29.07.1919 in Momberg. (Grave No. 108, Line 9, No.116). He married  first in 1883 Minna Katz from Jesberg, born 1860, died 1884. They had a daughters:


                             + 111. Meta / Minna Blumenfeld, born 08.01.1884.

  1.       Gerson Blumenfeld married a second time in 1885 Berta Alexander, born 1859 in
  2.       Momberg. They had five children:

                                112. Moritz Blumenfeld, born 16.03.1887, killed in WWI on 12.12.1914.

                            +  113. Siegmund Friedrich (Fritz) Blumenfeld, born 07.12.1888

                            +  114. Katinka (Gelle) Blumenfeld, born 1892

                                115. Isaak Blumenfeld, born 24.09.1894, teacher in Petershagen/Weser,

                                      killed in WWI on 08.01.1915. (

                             + 116. Sita (Sprinz) Blumenfeld, born 26.07.1896


41. Rebecka Blumenfeld, born 23.08.1856 in Momberg. She married 10.05.1881        Mendel Rosenberg , born 19.05.1854 in Rosenthal, son of  Jakob Rosenberg and his wife Betti Kuschmann.

Annotation: In addition to it look into “Descendants of Mendel Rosenberg from Rosenthal” No. 11.

Rebecka and Mendel Rosenberg had five children:

                             + 117. Blanka Rosenberg, born 10.07.1881

                                118. Joseph Rosenberg, born 04.02.1886, doctor of medicine, in 1909

                                                                                                 at the hospital in Cologne

                                119. Moritz Rosenberg, born 15.09.1887

                                120. Willy Rosenberg, born 24.04.1889

                                121. Isaak Rosenberg., born 15.06.1892.

42. Fradchen /Friederike Blumenfeld, born 02.11.1858 in Momberg. She married 1884 in Niederurff Manus Schon, born 14.05.1852 in Bischhausen. They had four children:

                               122. Jakob Schon, born 20.01.1885, butcher in Oberlahnstein

                               123. Auguste / Gelle Schon, born 29.08.1886, in service in Frankfurt/Main

                               124. Moritz Schon, born 06.07.1890, shoemaker in Ahlem

                               125. Isaak Schon, born 25.06.1893 in Niederurff.

44. Abraham Blumenfeld, he married Suesschen / Sophie Mansbach from Maden,  

                                             born 17.03.1870, daughter of Herz Mansbach and his wife

                                             Elkel, nee Loewenstein. Abraham and Suesschen Blumenfeld

                                             had three children:

                                             + 126. Frieda Blumenfeld, born 02.03.1904

                                                127. Hugo Blumenfeld, born 07.11.1905, he emigrated with

                                                        his mother and his brother to Lexington/Kentucky, USA

                                                128. Julius / Julian Blumenfeld, born 02.01.1910, he emigrated

                                                        with his mother and his brother to Lexington/Kentucky.

                                                        He died in 2007 in Lexington.

                                                 Abraham Blumenfeld was found dead in the Rhine-river near

                                                 Bierstadt in 1932. Possibly he is burried in  Wiesbaden-

                                                 Schierstein. Suesschen /Sophie Blumenfeld emigrated on

                                                 03.03.1936 with her sons to Lexington/Kentucky, USA.

                                                 They lived in 1945 in Lexington 26, 342 Kilmore Street.

                                                  (Aufbau , Friday, Novmeber 30, 1945)

45. Jakob Blumenfeld, born 11.09.1871 in Momberg. He emigrated into the USA about 1888 and lived with his brother Joseph in New York. He is the grand-greatfather of Steven Bloomfield from Bronx N.Y and James (Jim) Bloomfield. He lived in 1945 in 21 W. 86 th Street in New York City. (Aufbau, Friday, September 14, 1945)


46. Joseph (Joe) Blumenfeld, born 20.09.1875 in Momberg. He emigrated into the USA and moved with his brother Jakob to New York. 

47. Settchen / Lisette Blumenfeld, born 20.12.1876 in Momberg. She was maried on 05.07.1905 in Kassel to Adolf / Aron Jumen Londner, watchmaker and jeweler in Hannover, born 26.01.1880 in Bendin/Petrikau, son of Moschek Londner and his wife Itli, nee Brechner (Thiele, a.a.O. p. 506). Settchen and Aron Londner lived since October 1909 in Hannover, Goethestrasse 29. They moved in August 1931 from Hannover to Berlin. Settchen and Aron Londner had two children:

      + 129. Margarethe / Gretel Londner, born 17.04.1906 in Hannover

      + 130. Edmund Londner, born 15.05.1908 on Hannover.

      (Informations from Peter Schulze, Hannover 01.08.2013) 

Settchen and Aron Londner escaped to France, but died there in the waning days of the war and after war. Adolf/Aron Londner died 19.06.1944, Settchen Londner died 09.08.1945

48. Salomon Blumenfeld, born 23.12.1879 in Momberg. He emigrated into the USA and lived in Winchester (Lexington) Kentucky.

49. Julius Blumenfeld, born 21.02.1885 in Momberg. He moved to Hannover. He was the owner of the “Blumenfeld Wurst Fabrik” in Hannover Nikolaistrasse 38.He took part in WWI. He married Dina Heiser, born 14.03.1888 in Hoof, joungest daughter of the baker Isaac Heiser and his wife Jettchen, nee Mueller. Julius and Dina Blumenfeld had three children:

           131. Hans or Heinz Blumenfeld, he emigrated to Palestine

        + 132. Ilse Blumenfeld

        + 133. Werner Blumenfeld. Born 1921 in Hannover.


Julius and Dina Blumenfeld were deported from Hannover on 15.12.1941 to Riga.

50. Marcus / Lee Blumenfeld, he emigrated into the USA and lived in Winchester (Lexington) Kentucky.


56.  Antonie Blumenfeld, born 29.12.1872, she was married on 05.11.1894 to Suessel

                                           Simon Engelbert from Gudensberg, born  03.01.1867, son of

                                           Jacob Engelbert and his wife Julie, nee Oppenheim.

                                           Antonie Blumenfeld died in Kassel in 1929.

57. Jeanette / Charlotte Blumenfeld, born 28.06.1875, she was married to

                                                              Hermann Hammel from Rödelheim.

58. Thekla Blumenfeld, born 18.03.1872 in Giessen.She was married to Max Gruenbaum

      born 12.03.1862 in Rotenburg/Fulda, industrialist. He died 26.11.1923 in Kassel. (Thiele,  

        a.a.O., p. 319). Thekla and Max Gruenbaum lived in Kassel, Wolfhager Strasse 55. They

      had three children:

        + 134. Caecilie Gruenbaum, born 26.04.1895 in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 137)

         +  135. Kurt Gruenbaum, born 23.03.1897 in Kassel. He lived in Kassel Wolfhager

                   Strasse 55 in 1930 and 1936, never in 1940 (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 141, 915, 940).

             136.  Franz Gruenbaum, born 09.04.1897

           137.  Rosemarie Gruenbaum, born 08.10.1912 in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p.164)

                        She emigrated on 25.04.1933 to London (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 666)

         Max Gruenbaum died 26.11.1923 in Kassel, Wolfhager Strasse 55 (Thiele, a.a.O., p.319).

         Thekla Gruenbaum  moved 20.02.1941 to her brother Felix Blumenfeld in Hugo Preuss

        Strasse 21 and from there after Felix Blumenfeld's suicide on 01.02.1942 to Krefeld to

        her daughter Caecilie Herzog. She was deported on 25.07. 1942 from Duesseldorf to

        Terezin and from there on 26.09.1942 to Treblinka.

59. Felix (Fritz) Blumenfeld, Dr. med.,born 02.05.1873 in Giessen, he died 25.01.1942 by

         suicide in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 368). He is burried on the jewish cemetery in Kassel-

         Bettenhausen. He studied medicine, worked as paediatrician since 1901 in Kassel and

         became 1909 the first head doctor of the paedieatric hospital „Park Schoenfeld“ in

         Kassel, Frankfurter Strasse. He married first on 22.08.1902 in Frankfurt/Main Thekla

         Wertheim, born 08.05.1879 in Frankfurt/Main, daugher of Louis Wertheim from

         Rotenburg/Fulda and his wife Amalie, nee Hammerschlag, from Harmuthsachsen. Felix

         Blumenfeld lived in Kassel in 1902 Kölnische Strasse 10, from 31.07.1907 in Querallee

         38, from 01.09.1932 in Obere Koenigsstrasse 41 and from 01.10.1933 in Fuerstenstrasse

         21 (heute: Hugo Preuss Strasse 35). (Thiele, a.a.O., p.827, 856, 882, 910, 937, 958, Gedenkbuch

           Kassel, a.a.O., p. 90/91.) Felix and Thekla Blumenfeld had two sons:

         + 138. Edgar Leo Blumenfeld, born 20.07.1903 in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 149)

         + 139. Gerhard Max Blumenfeld, born 03.03.1906 in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 154)


           Thekla Blumenfeld died 20.08.1917 in Kassel (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 300). She is burried on the

         jewish cemetery in Kassel-Bettenhausen. Dr. Felix Blumenfeld married a second time

         on 16.02.1920 in Kassel Helene Petri, born 20.10.1894 in Nordhausen. She was

         christian. (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 540). Dr. Felix Blumenfeld commited suicid on 25.01.1942 in


60. Moritz Blumenfeld married R. Bendheim. They had a son:    

         140. Trudis Blumenfeld, she was married to J. Kahn.


69. Toni Blumenfeld, born 21.09.1885, she was married on 05.12.1912 to Moses Schuster

                                     from Sterbfritz, they emigrated to the USA.

70. Moritz Blumenfeld, born 07.10.1887, he married on 29.12.1924 Sophie Spier, born

                                        28.06.1894 in Momberg, daughter of Michael Spier and his wife

                                        Veilchen, nee Nussbaum. They had three children:

                                        141. Ursula Blumenfeld, born 28.10.1927

                                        142. Ruth Blumenfeld, born 14.02.1930

                                        143. Werner Blumenfeld, born 07.01.1933.

                                        The family emigrated on 05.03.1940 into the USA.

71. Bella Blumenfeld, born 23.05.1890, she was married on 22.01.1922 to Hermann Stein,

                                     born 22.09.1844 in Burgsinn.

73. Antonia Hoechster, born 14.10.1885 in Gemuenden (Wohra). She was married to

      Sally Goldschmidt, born 04.07.1881 ion Hersfeld. They emigrated into the USA.

      Sally Goldschmidt died on 13.04.1940 in Conneticut.

76. Dina Blumenfeld, born 01.02.1871, she was married on 27.11.1894 to

                                    Salomon Heldenmuth from Altenkirchen.

  1. 77. Nanny Blumenfeld, born 03.01.1878, she was married on 30.06.1909 to Jakob Stern
  2.                                           from Niederurff. 

78. Hermann (Jochanan) Blumenfeld was born 17.04.1880. He died 30.10.1927. (Grave No. 123). He was a merchant and dealed with textiles. He married first Charlotte, nee Stern

from Treysa, born 23.01.1883, died 08.05.1915. They lived in Momberg, house No.83 and they had four children:

                                144. Julius Blumenfeld, born 29.05.1910, merchant, deported to Riga

                                145. Frieda Blumenfeld, born 24.08.1911, deported to Riga and from

                                                                        there to Stutthof, missed

                                146. Max Blumenfeld, born 17.04.1913, merchant, he lived in Momberg

                                                                     till 1936/37 and emigrated to Palestine.

                                147. Alfred Blumenfeld, born 23.04.1915, butcher, he emigrated on

                                                                        23.06.1936 to Southafrica.

        Hermann Blumenfeld married a second time Ida, nee Stern, from Wehrda, near

        Marburg, born 17.09.1878. They had a son:


                                148. Kurt Siegfried Blumenfeld, born 11.07.1921, merchant, he went on

                                        09.02.1936 to Frankfurt/Main, came back to Momberg. Then he

                                        went to the Haschara-School in Neusteckelsdorf  near Rathenow.

                                        He was deported from Hesselbach (Unterfranken) to the camp Izbica

                                        / Lublin (Poland).

        Hermann Blumenfeld died in the 20th on an 18.10.

        Ida Blumenfeld was deported to Riga on 08.12.1941.

79.  Hugo Blumenfeld, born 30.08.1882 in Momberg, he was a teacher, he married Frieda Stern, born 31.05.1896 in Zimmersrode, first they lived in Neustadt, Bahnhofstrasse 6,

Hugo and Frieda Blumenfeld had a son:

                                       149. Martin Blumenfeld, born 06.01.1913 in Frankenau,

                                                                                he emigrated in 1935.

Hugo and Frieda Blumenfeld went to Frankfurt/Main on 05.01.1939. They were deported from there to Auschwitz.

May  be that Hugo Blumenfeld was married twice and that Frieda Stern was his second wife.

In addition to it look No. 97 of this genealogy.

84. Moritz Blumenfeld, born 18.06.1866 in Kirchhain, he married 1895 Blanka, nee Bauer, born 09.05.1868 in Merlau, she died 17.01.1909 in Kirchhain. Moritz and Blanka Blumenfeld had four children:

                                150. Gerta / Giedel Blumenfeld, born 16.06.1896 in Kirchhain,

                                                                                  she emigrated 02.02.1934 into the USA

                                151. Flora / Fradchen Blumenfeld, born 09.06.1898 in Kirchhain,

                                                                                      she left Kirchhain 1936/37

                             + 152. Gustav Blumenfeld, born 05.01.1900 in Kirchhain.

                                153. Herbert / Naftali Blumenfeld, born 07.05.1904, died 01.05.1922.

    Moritz Blumenfeld married a second time Rickchen Plaut, born 20.03.1876 in

    Frielendorf. Moritz and Rickchen Blumenfeld had a son:  


                   154. Alfred Blumenfeld, born 02.08.1912, died 11.11.1933 in Frankfurt/M.

Moritz Blumenfeld died  20.01.1932 in Kirchhain. Rickchen Blumenfeld emigrated to Argentina on 27.11.1937.

86. Dora Blumenfeld, born 26.12.1869, married on 12.08.1898 Joseph Haas, born 03.10.1863, cattletrader in Grenzhausen near Koblenz, son of Jospeh Haas and his wife Johannetta, nee Schlei. Jospeh and Dora Haas had three children:

                             + 155. Walter Haas, born 23.08.1898

                                156. Gerta / Giedel Haas, born 1902

                                157. Gustav Haas, born 07.12.1908.

87.  Max Blumenfeld, born 04.12.1872 in Kirchhain, he married Hannchen, nee Tannenbaum from Mannsbach. They lived in New York in 1909.

88. Sara Blumenfeld, born 19.10.1874, she married Albert Sipp in New York. Albert and Sara Sipp had two daughters.

89. Hermann Blumenfeld, born 26.03.1876, baker in Marburg, he married 25.05.1901 Riekchen, nee Lomnitz, born 06.11.1876 in Bischhausen. Hermann and Riekchen Blumenfeld had four children:

                                158. Gustav Blumenfeld, born 03.01.1904

                                159.  Siegward Blumenfeld, born 03.01.1904

                                160. Max Blumenfeld, born 26.12.1906

                                161. Julius Blumenfeld, born 27.10.1908.

90. Sally Blumenfeld, born 25.03.1878, he married 1906 Fanny, nee Wetterhahn from Hersfeld, born 30.05.1879. They went to Marburg, Schwanallee 15. Sally had a shop in Marburg. Sally and Fanny Blumenfeld had  two children:


                                162. Siegfried / Gerson Blumenfeld, born  25.07.1907.

                                163. Kaethe Karoline Blumenfeld, born 04.11.1910.

 The family was deported on 05.12.1941.

91. Meyer Blumenfeld, born 02.11.1879, merchant in Hersfeld, he married 1904 Emma, nee Oppenheim. They had a daughter:

                                164. Giedel / Trudchen Blumenfeld, born 02.03.1905.

94. Hermann / Hone Blumenfeld, born 16.10.1874, royal surveyor (Landmesser) in Hanau,

                                                         he married 14.11.1908 Helma nee Lilienstein, born

                                                         05.01.1887 in Usingen. They had two children:

                                                         + 165. Hilde Blumenfeld

                                                         + 166. Chanan Bar-Sadeh (Hans Blumenfeld), born 1909

                                     Hermann and Helma Blumenfeld were deported from Frankfurt/Main

                                     to Lodz on 20.10.1941, where Hermann Blumenfeld perished


95.  Berta Blumenfeld, born 16.03.1876, married 12.10.1900 Ludwig Fernich, butcher

                                      and cattle traider in Clotten a.d. Mosel, bon 11.12.1875. Ludwig and

                                      Berta Fernich had two children:

                                     + 167. Jenny Fernich, born 10.03.1904 in Clotten

                                     + 168. Else Fernich, born 09.10.1905 in Clotten.

                                     When Ludwig Fernich died, Berta Fernich left Clotten for

                                     Kirchhain with her daughters in 1926 and later from there to

                                     Goettingen. Berta Fernich was deported from Goettingen to Warschau

                                     on 26.03.1942..


96. Salomon Blumenfeld, born 30.06.1878, merchant in Kirchhain, he married 30.08.1905

Merle / Malchen / Amalie, nee Levi, born 28.07.1881 in Rhina. Salomon and Merle

                                Blumenfeld had three daughters:


                                + 169. Gretel / Giedel / Gelle Blumenfeld, born 01.07.1906 in Kirchhain

                                + 170. Jenny Blumenfeld,  born 23.06.1907

                                + 171. Hilde Blumenfeld, born 09.06.1911.

                                Salomon and Amalie Blumenfeld emigrated on 07.03.1939 to Rio de

                                Janeiro / Brasil and from there in 1946 to New York. Salomon

                                Blumenfeld died in 1953 in New York. Malchen Blumenfeld moved

                                in 1960 to Israel. She died in 1962 in Haifa.

97. Max Blumenfeld, born 12.06.1881, He was the director of the orphanage in Pankow

                                    and / or in Graudenz. He married 12.02.1906 Annchen Grunewald

                                    from Berlin. They had two children:

                                    + 172. Edith Blumenfeld

                                    + 173. Fritz Blumenfeld

                                    In 1933 the family emigrated to Meran / North-Italy, where Max

                                    Blumenfeld died. Anna Blumenfeld emigrated to Palestine where she

                                    died in 1947.

99. Klementine Blumenfeld, born 20.06.1886, married 12.11.1909 in Bruttig

                                                Richard Abraham, butcher,born 29.09.1876, son of David

                                                Abraham and his wife Rosette, nee Meyer. Richard and

                                                Klementine Abraham had three children:

                                                + 174. Lilli Abraham, born 04.09.1910 in Bruttig

                                                + 175. Walter Abraham

                                                + 176. Martin Abraham.

Klementine and Richard Abraham lived in Cuise la Motte, Oise , France. Richard Abraham

was deported to Gurs and later from Paris with the convoy No. 40 on 03.12.1942 to

Auschwitz. Klementine Abraham lived later in Lyon and was deported from Paris with the

Convoy No. 62 on 20.11.1943 to Auschwitz. (Pages of Testimony from their sons Walter and

Martin Abraham).

101. Berta Strauss, born 20.07.1871, married Moritz Herz, living in Bonn,

        Remigiusstrasse 5 in 1909. Moritz and Berta Herz had two children:

                                177. Henny Herz, born 1901

                                178. Manfred Herz, born 1909.

102. Moritz Strauss, born 19.01.1873, married  Therese, nee Nathan from Nahlbach. They

lived in New York in 1909.

104. Hermann Strauss, born 01.10.1876, he married 24.06.1906 Julie, nee Alexander born

30.05.1881 inWaltersbrueck. They lived in Wetter in 1909 and had two children:

                                179. Sally Strauss, born 04.07.1907

                                180. Max Strauss, born 28.05.1910.

106. Rebecka Strauss, born 08.02.1881, she married Albert Meyer.They lived in Bonn,

Thomasstrasse 4 in 1909 and had a son:

                               181. Rudi Meyer, born 1908.

108. Moses Blumenfeld, born 16.05.1879 in Neustadt, he lived in Neustadt, Marktstrasse 30

and dealed with textiles and shoes. He married Sara, nee Rothschild, daughter of Juda

Rothschild and his wife Fanny, nee Katz from Oberaula, born 05.07.1885. They converted to

the Catholicism.They had a son:

                                182. Julius Blumenfeld, born 04.04.1909, catholic.

                                        He emigrated to Argentina in 1936.

Moses and Sara Blumenfeld went to Frankfurt/Main on 14.06.1939 and were deported from

There to Lodz.

109. Hermann Blumenfeld, born 08.08.1880, he was a textile-merchant and lived in

                                               Neustadt, Marktstrasse 17. He married Rosa Else Decker, born

                                               30.06.1888 in Battenberg. Hermann and Rosa Else Blumenfeld

                                               had three children:

                                             183. Erich Blumenfeld, born 04.04.1913 in Neustadt,

                                                                                   he emigrated to the Netherlands in 1935

                                         + 184. Hilde Blumenfeld, born 18.06.1915 in Neustadt

                                            185. Lieselotte Blumenfeld, born 12.11.1917 in Neustadt

                                                                                          she emigrated into the USA in 1937

     Hermann and Else Blumenfeld emigrated to Amsterdam on 03.05.1939. After the

     occupation of the Netherlands they were deported from there to Auschwitz.

110. Rosa Blumenfeld, born 1883, she married in June 1910 Julius Hess from Dudelsheim.

111. Meta Blumenfeld, born 08.01.1884, in 1909 still engaged and not yet married. She was

married on 31.10.1910 to Albert Simon from Hermannstein, son of Josef Simon and his wife

 Guste, nee Aumann. They lived in Hermannstein.

113. Friedrich Blumenfeld, born 07.12.1888, he lived in Momberg, house No. 49 and had a

 department store (Gemischtwarenhandel). He married on 26.10.1921 Lina Neuhaus, born

 19.09.1894 in Baumbach. Friedrich and Lina Blumenfeld had two children:

                                             +186. Gretha Blumenfeld, born 21.08.1922 in Momberg

                                               187. Guenther Blumenfeld, born 22.02.1926 in Momberg.

  The family emigrated together with Friedrich Blumenfeld’s mother Berta Blumenfeld, nee

 Alexander (No. 65 of this genealogy) and Berta Blumenfeld, nee Wallach, born

 23.03.1861 in Oberaula and from 01.04.1938 living in Momberg on 13.01.1939 into the USA.

114. Katinka /Gelle Blumenfeld, born 30.07.1891 in Momberg, she married on 17.11.1919

       Emil (Emanuel) Rosenberg from Rosenthal, born 29.01.1885 son of Josef Rosenberg

       and his wife Fanny, nee Stiebel. Emil Rosenberg was a merchant.Emil and Katinka

       Rosenberg left Momberg for Frankfurt/Main, where Emil Blumenfeld was working in the

       textile-wholesale trade Wohlfarth. In 1934 they came back to Momberg, where they had a

       commercial agency for textiles. Emil and Katinka Blumenfeld had three sons:

            + 188. Walter Rosenberg, born 17.11.1920 in Frankfurt/Main, he was a merchant

                                                     apprentice and came to Momberg on 01.07.1938. He

                                                     emigrated with his family into the USA on 25.01.1940.

               189. Guenther Rosenberg, born 07.07.1925 in Frankfurt/Main, he came to

                                                         Momberg in 1934 and emigrted with his family into the

                                                         USA on 25.01.1940. He deceased.

            + 190. Heinz (Henry) Rosenberg, born 18.08.1928 in Frankfurt/Main.

116. Sita / Sprinz Blumenfeld, born 26.07.1896 in Momberg. She married Siegfried Spier,

 born 14.05.1887 in Momberg, the son of  Michel Spier and Veilchen nee  Nussbaum. Sita

 and Siegfried Spier were deported to Theresienstadt on 08.09.1942, from there to Auschwitz

 on 04.10.1944. Siegfried and Sita Spier had two children:

                           + 191. Manfred Spier born 29.11.1925 in Momberg

                           + 192. Gisela Spier born 29.11.1928 in Momberg

117. Blanka Rosenberg, born 10.07.1881, she married 13.07.1907 Hugo Blumenfeld from

Momberg, teacher in Frankenau. Hugo and Blanka Blumenfeld had a son:

                               193. Julius Blumenfeld, born 1908.

May be that Hugo Blumenfeld was married twice and Blanka Rosenberg was his first wife.

In addition to it look No. 59 of this genealogy.

126.  Frieda Blumenfeld, born 02.03.1904, she was married on 08.07.1927 to

                                           Josef Julius Weinberg from Hameln.

129. Margarethe / Gretel Londner, born 17.04.1906 in Hannover, she was married on

        29.06.1931 in Berlin to Paul Steinweg, qualified engineer.

          (Information from Peter Schulze, Hannover 01.08.2013)

          They emigrated to Palestine and lived in 1945 in Kiryat-Motzkin, Ranastreet 5. 

         (Aufbau, Friday, November 30, 1945)

          They had a daughter:

         194. Noemi Steinweg, born in the mid 1930s in Palestine.

         Margarethe / Gretel Londner died about 1965 in Israel.

130. Edmund Londner, born 15.05.1908 in Hannover, he emigrated to France and took the

        name Edmond Londner-Luitrand. He lived in 1945 in Domaine de la Barrade,

        Esparron-du-Verdon, Basses-Alpes (France). (Aufbau, Friday, November 30, 1945)

           He settled in Paris and married a German Jewish woman. They didn't have children.

        He headed for many years the Paris office of Rowohlt Press            

132. Ilse Blumenfeld, she emigrated 1937/38 to New York and was married to N.N. Stein.

133. Werner Blumenfeld, born 1921 in Hannover. He was sent to the United Kingdom via

        one of the Kindertransport. Later he moved to New York. He married Erika N.N.,

        born 1922 in Nuernberg. He died about 2004.



134. Caecilie Gruenbaum, born 26.04.1895 in Kassel, she was married to Walter Herzog,

        born 31.07.1887 in Krefeld, manufactor of silk-products (Seidenwarenfabrikant).

        Caecilie and Walter Herzog had two children:

        195. Renate Herzog, born 04.04.1924

        196. Manfred Herzog, born 15.07.1926.

135. Kurt Gruenbaum, born 23.03.1897 in Kassel. He married on 09.03.1930 in Kassel

        Gertrude Strauss, born 20.05.1901 in Worms. They lived in Kassel Wolfhager

        Strasse 55 in 1930, 1936 and 1936, never in 1940 (Thiele, a.a.O., p. 141,571, 915, 940).

138. Edgar Leo Blumenfeld, born 20.07.1903 in Kassel. He emigrated into the USA. He lived in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, 518 Diversey Parkway. He married Anna Hanau. (Aufbau, Friday, May 8, 1942) Edgar and Anna Blumenfeld / Bloomfield had a son:

                        197. Gerard Bloomfield.                        

139. Gerhard Max Blumenfeld, born 03.03.1906 in Kassel. He overtook the Asbest-Fabrik in Frankfurt from his uncle Leiser Wertheim after his early death till 1938. Then he emigrated into the USA. He lived in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, 518, Diversey Parkway. He married Lotte Rosenthal (Aufbau, Friday, May 8, 1942). Gerhard and Lotte Blumenfeld/ Bloomfield had two sons:

                        + 198. Steven F. Bloomfield

                        + 199. Peter M. Bloomfield.


152.  Gustav Blumenfeld, born 05.01.1900 in Kirchhain. He had a store with agricultural machines and device, he married Paula Blum, born 07.03.1901, daughter of Michael Blum and his wife Sara nee Gutmann from Mellrichstadt.

                        Gustav and Paula Blumenfeld emigrated on 01.07.1937 to the USA.


155. Walter Haas, born 23.08.1898 in Grenzhausen, married Irma, nee Weinberg. They

                               had a daughter:

                               + 200. Ilse Haas, born in 1935 in Grenzhausen.

Walter and Irma Haas lived in Frankfurt am Main during the war. Irma died in 1939, Walter

Haas was deported to Kiew (Pages of Testimony from his sister-in-law Else Weinberg and her

niece Joan Weinberg – Streit)

165. Hilde Blumenfeld, she emigrated in 1937 to Jerusalem, she was married to Isaac

                                       Schattner. Hilde and Isaac Schattner have a child:

                                       201. Micha  Schattner.

166. Chanan Bar Sadeh, he emigrated in 1937 to Palestine and lived in Bat Yam / Tel Aviv.

                                           He was Major in the Israeli Army.

167. Jenny Fernich, born 10.03.1904 in Clotten, she was married on 08.10.1926 in Kirchhain

                                to Julius Asser, born 20.05.1905 in Goettingen. Jenny and Julius Asser

                                had two children:

                                + 202. Kurt Asser, born 13.05.1926 in Göttingen

                                + 203. Lissy Asser, born 25.09.1927 in Goettingen


                               Jenny and Julius Asser were deported  on 31.03.1941

                               fromGelsenkirchen-Muenster-Hannover to Warschau.

                               (Bundesarchiv Gedenkbuch, a.a.0.)

168. Else Fernich, born 09.10.1905 in Clotten. She was married to Joseph Hauswirt from

                               Cologne. They emigrated in 1936 into the States and lived in Los Angeles.

169. Gretel / Giedel / Gretel Blumenfeld, born 01.07.1906 in Kirchhain, she was married to David Katz, born 11.02.1896 in Nentershausen, son of  Mendel Katz and his wife Ida, nee Levi. Gretel and David Katz had a son:

                        + 204. Paul Katz, born in Frankfurt /Main

                        The family emigrated in 1939 into the USA.

170.  Jenny Blumenfeld, born 23.06.1907, she was married on 25.07.1933  to Siegmund

                                         Warburg. They left Kirchhain for Lueneburg, in 1935 she lived in

                                         London. Later they emigrated to Palestine. She died in 1961 in


171. Hilde Blumenfeld, born 09.06.1911, she was married to Ludwig Meinrath from

                                        Hamburg and emigrated in 1934 to Rio de Janeiro / Brasil and from

                                        there to New York. Hilde and Ludwig Meinrath had two children:

                                        205. Peter / Pedro Meinrath

                                        206. Robert / Roberto Meinrath.

172. Edith Blumenfeld, she was married to Dr. Joseph Berman. Edith and Joseph Berman

                                        had two children:

                                        207. Grit Berman

                                        208. Max Berman

                                        Joseph Berman emigrated in 1939 into the USA. Edith Berman, her

                                        children Grit and Max and her mother Anna Blumenfeld were hidden

                                        in a catholic cloyster in Italy. After war Edith Berman and her

                                        children moved into the States (New York), Anna Blumenfeld went

                                        to Israel.

173. Fritz Blumenfeld, he emigrated in 1935 to Palestine. He married Dora, Fritz and Dora

                                       Blumenefld have three sons, one of them is slain as pilot in Israeli

                                       war. Fritz Blumenfeld died in 1977 in Israel.

174.  Lilli Abraham, born  04.09.1910 in Bruttig, she married Leon Gerstenhaber, born

                                   30.11.1901 in Metz. Lilli and Leon Gerstenhaber lived in Cuise La

                                   Motte, Oise, France. They had a son :

                                   209. David Gerstenhaber.

                                    Lilli, Leon and David Gerstenhaber were deported from Paris / Drancy

                                    with the convoy No.66 on 20.01.1944 to Auschwitz. (Pages of

                                    Testimony in Yad Vashem written by her brother Martin)

175. Walter Abraham, he emigrated to Palestine. He married Helene. Walter and Helene

                                       Abraham lived in Kibbutz Shaar Hamakim. They have two sons.

176. Martin Abraham, he emigrated to Palestine. He married Corinne. They hav etwo sons.


184. Hilde Blumenfeld, born 18.06.1915 in Neustadt, she was married to Seelig. They

 emigrated to the Netherlands on 21.11.1935 and were deported from there to Auschwitz.

186. Gretha /Gretel Blumenfeld, born 21.08.1922 in Momberg, she emigrated with her family into the USA. She got engaged to Joseph Hamburger from Huettengesaess near Hanau on 25.11.1945. (Aufbau, Friday, November 30, 1945)

                       Gretel and Joseph Hamburger have children, the youngest one is:

                       210. Kenneth Hamburger (e-mail from Kenneth Hamburger from 17.03.2010)

188. Walter Rosenberg, born 17.11.1920, in Frankfurt/Main, he emigrated into the States

                                         on 25.01.1940. He married Margot. Walter and Margot Rosenberg

                                         have a son.

                 211. Michael Rosenberg.

190. Heinz / Henry Rosenberg, born 18.08.1928, he married  Viktoria Hammerschlag. They

live in New York. They have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

191. Manfred Spier, born 29.11.1925 in Momberg. In 1940 he went into a jewish apprentice

 home in Frankfurt/M.He was deported on 08.09.1942 to Theresienstadt, from there to

 Auschwitz on 01.10.1944 and from Auschwitz to Dachau on 10.10.1944. He died in Dachau

-Kaeufering on 16.03.1945 by starving to death (Hungertyphus).

192. Gisela Spier-Cohn was born 29.11.1928 in Momberg. She was deported to Theresienstadt on 08.09.1942 and from there to Auschwitz on 04.10.1944. From there she was sent to work in the Freia-Airplane-Factory in Freiberg/Sachsen. Then she came to Mauthausen, where she was liberated. After war she lived in Israel first, then in the USA and finally in Canada.


198. Steven F. Bloomfield, born 14.09.1949. He married G. Harrell. They have two sons:

        212. Adam G. Bloomfield

        213. Daniel H. Bloomfield.

199. Peter M. Bloomfield, born 07.09.1951. He married P.Raabe. They have two children:

        214. Jessica Bloomfield

        215. Gabriel Bloomfield.

200. Ilse Haas, born 1935 in Grenzhausen. She  lived during the war in Frankfurt am Main. She was smuggled to Holland by relatives and from there deported to Sobibor.

202. Kurt Asser, born 13.05.1926 in Goettingen, he lived in Goettingen. He was deported

                             with his parents and his sister on 31.03.1942 from Gelsenkirchen-Münster-

                             Hannover to Warschau.

                             (Bundesarchiv Gedenkbuch, a.a.O.)

203. Lissy Asser, born 25.09.1927 in Goettingen, she lived in Goettingen. She was deported

                             with her parents and her brother on 31.01.1942 from Gelsenkirchen

                             Münster-Hannover to Warschau.

                             (Bundesarchiv Gedenkbuch, a.a.O.)

204. Paul Katz, born in Frankfurt/Main. He emigrated in 1939 to New York. He

                          married  Esther Goldmeier, born in Fulda. Paul and Esther Katz

                          have three children:

                          216. Michael Katz

                          217. Gary Katz

                          218. Dina Katz.                                  


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Red: Genealogies from Gary Katz, New York

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magenda: Descendants of Felix Blumenfeld

Turquoise: The Blumenfeld-Livingston-Family

orange:  Strauss-Stammbaum, updated for the Bloomfield side by Peter Bloomfield (e-mail from 30.09.2013)

Compiled and edited by

Hans-Peter  K l e i n

Melsungen  June 2005,

revised and completed  September 2006, August 2007, July 2009, July 2013. October 2013.